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Main Line Cleanout

What is a main line cleanout? All pipes lead to the city water treatment plant. Thus, the pipes that leave property, funnel into a main line that leads to the plant. Consequently, plumbing problems arise in the main line. If there is a main line issue, you will see signs such as:

  • Sewage smell and back up in the floor drain
  • A water backup in the sink or shower when you use the dishwasher or flush the toilet
  • Two or more drain backups across your residence or business

If your main line is the problem, we will clean it thoroughly with a high-pressure hose to remove any buildup or debris. We will assess and repair any cracks or damage to the pipe and get your water flowing smoothly.

Why Does the Main Line Get Clogged?

Over time, plumbing systems can become clogged with all sorts of debris, from hair and soap scum to food waste and grease. If left untreated, these blockages can cause a variety of problems, including plumbing leaks, bad odors, and sewage backups. To keep your plumbing system running smoothly, it’s important to have a main line cleanout every few years. This involves using a plumbing snake, auger, or hydrojetting to remove any blockages from the main sewer line. Not only will this help to prevent further plumbing problems, but it will also save you money in the long run by avoiding costly repairs.

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